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RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

The RSPB have launched the Big Garden Birdwatch! This will be held on the weekend of 29th January to 31st January. As we love seeing birds in Forest School, we would like you all to take part if you can. You just have to count and identify (if you can), how many birds land in your garden, communal space, bird feeder from your window or local park for one hour over that weekend. This could be done as a family whilst out on your daily exercise. Here is Ms Ross and Mrs Geden's film about the Big Garden Birdwatch.

To help bring birds to your garden, putting some appropriate food out for them will help attract them so, if you don't already do this now is a great time to start feeding them.

Birds can be shy, but they can be tempted in with food and water, and once your patch is on their radar as a good place to feed, they’ll soon start flocking.

Feeding the birds is a sure way to boost your Birdwatch, as when there’s food around you’re likely to see more birds – you could be in for a real spectacle!

We have included the Big Garden Birdwatch chart to help identify and count some of the birds you might see. You can also visit  for more help and tips.

If possible, the birds you spot should be uploaded onto the RSPB site, or you can email your results to us and we will enter all the data for you.

We would love to see how many different birds you saw and maybe even some artwork of your favourite bird.

To help you we have included some home-made bird feeders you could use:

Bagel Bird Feeder

1. Cut the stale bagel in half lengthwise and secure it with a string
or ribbon through the hole.
2. Spread lard over the bagel.
3. Cover with birdseed.
4. Hang the bagel from a balcony, window or in the garden.

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

This uses empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls.
1. Run a long piece of string through an empty toilet paper roll and
tie together at the ends.
2. Smear lard all over the surface of the roll.
3. Roll it through birdseed and hang your toilet paper roll bird feeder for all to see.

Threaded Cereal or Popcorn

If you didn’t have any bird seed you could use cereal threaded on
string, (hooped cereal is best) or you could carefully thread some popcorn.