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Summer Clubs

Clubs will cost £2.00 per week unless stated otherwise and are payable in advance. Clubs will run the week beginning Tuesday 2nd May up to and including week beginning 27th June, apart from LPA Football and SAMA Karate which will start week commencing 25th April.


Summer Holiday Swimming Club

School Summer Term Clubs

Football Learn, Play, Achieve

Monday Year 3-6

Tuesday Year 1-2

3.15pm to 4.15pm

Book directly
01273 463355


Choir club

Monday EYFS- Year 2

3pm to 3.45pm



SAMA Karate

Tuesday EYFS -Year 6

3pm to 4.15pm

Book with Bob. School Hall
01903 767616


Drawing Club 

Monday Year 1-3

3pm to 4pm




Tuesday Year 3-6

3pm to 4pm



Cricket Club

Monday Year 3-4

3pm to 4pm



Mindfulness Club 

Tuesday Year 2-4

3pm to 4pm

(3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th May)


Football Skills club

Tuesday Year 1-3

3pm to 4pm



Cooking Club

Tuesday Year 1-2

3pm to 4pm

(7th, 14th, 21st, 28th June)


Dance Club

Wednesday EYFS - Year 2

3pm to 4pm



Girls Football Club

Thursday Year 2-6

3pm to 4pm



Origami Club

Thursday Year 1-6

3pm to 4pm



Basketball Club

Thursday Year 5-6

3pm to 4pm



French Club

Thursday Year 2-6

3pm to 4pm



Percussion Club

Thursday Year 3-4

3pm to 4pm