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Who are friends of Eastbrook?

Friends of Eastbrook is our Parents Teachers Association (PTA) made up of parent volunteers from across all year groups who work together to raise funds for the school.

The Friends of Eastbrook Team is always looking for more volunteers to join them in fundraising efforts and if you’d like to know more about how you can get involved drop an email to

and one of the current volunteers will be in touch. 

Everyone is welcome and there is no expectation that you will attend every event or be involved in every conversation or fundraising idea. 

An hour or 2 

We have set up a WhatsApp group which is a place where there’s no chat however when we need volunteers for a specific task we will post requests

Examples of specific tasks include 

  • Bagging up sweets
  • Sorting raffle tickets
  • Making hampers
  • Helping set up or tidy away at events
  • Running stalls (we know it’s not everyone’s thing)

If you’d like to join this group you can do so by clicking the link



Comments from the PTA

I joined the Friends of Eastbrook team as a volunteer when my daughter joined the reception class. I didn’t want a big role due to my working commitments but felt I could contribute, even in a small way. Since joining the FoE team I have supported and attended many events and have raised awareness and money for the School and more importantly, our children. To see the children enjoying and benefiting from the events and activities we have planned and by receiving such positive feedback afterwards from them makes it all worthwhile. The FoE team are passionate about giving the children and community a positive experience, whilst making those essential funds for the school and providing all the children what they need to succeed in the future.