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Year 4 Topic and Homework

Welcome to our Year 4 Page

We will keep you up to date with what is happening in your child’s year group in this section. Details of their topics, class trips, WOW days and activities can all be found here.

During the Summer term of Year 4, pupils undertake the national Multiplication Tables Check. Click here for further information.

 Victorians (Full Steam Ahead)

  Victorians (Full Steam Ahead) - Summer Term 2023

Our topic for the Summer term is about the Victorian era and is called “Full Steam Ahead!”. The topic will be split into two halves. For the first half of the term, the children will be exploring what it meant to be a child during the Victorian era, including a Victorian school day. In the second half-term, we will be researching important and inspirational Victorian figures and their impact on our lives today. During the Summer term, we hope to visit the Weald and Downland Museum where the children will explore a Victorian home, school and toys. In Science, we will be learning about how electricity works and how sound is made and how it travels.


Feasts and Festivals - Spring Term 2023

This term, as part of our ‘Feasts and Festivals’ topic, Year 4 will be embarking on a virtual tour of India!  After ‘flying’ to Mumbai, the children will learn about the differences between life in rural and urban communities including slums as well as a special Indian food-tasting day! We will also be having an exciting WOW day to celebrate Indian culture and explore different traditions!


Best of Both Worlds - Autumn Term 2022

Year 4’s topic in the Autumn Term is proudly named “Best of Both Worlds”. We will learn all about Ancient Greece and The Roman Empire. From the bustling streets of Athens to the roads in Rome, together we will research and learn about different aspects of Greek and Roman life. We will enjoy an Ancient Greek WOW day, where all children will get the opportunity to live the day like Athenian citizens, not forgetting an exciting trip to a Roman Villa later on in the term.