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E-Safety (Remote Learning Activities)

Hello children of Eastbrook!

E-Safety is talking about how safely we use technology, including how we can look after ourselves when accessing the Internet or while playing games with other people online.

I’d like to introduce to you the programme of e-safety learning made by Google and Parent Zone. It’s called Be Internet Legends – The Legends Family Adventure! Some of you may have played the Interland games created by the same people – if you haven’t, see if you can access them at home! You can find the videos here: The Legends Family Adventure

The Legends Family Adventure programme is made up of 3 short videos and each has a fun crafting activity linked to it to show your learning and understanding. Follow the Legends Family as they go on an adventure in a strange new land, meeting heroes, overcoming challenges and unlocking the secrets of the Legends Code!

Each episode focuses on parts of using the Internet that we may find difficult or at times scary. So by the end of the adventure, hopefully you will have learnt about being Internet: Sharp, Alert, Secure and Kind. As you go through the adventure you will create some cool crafts which I’d love to see! If you send them to your year group e-mail address, your teachers will send them on to me.

I hope you enjoy the programme and are keeping safe when using technology!