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Science Year 2 Summer 2 - Plants

We have really enjoyed looking at your work on plants so far. Here are a few examples...


Keep up the brilliant work and by the end of the year you will all be experts in plants! 


Here are a few more activities for you to try at home.

Activity 1- What do plants needs to grow?

Create a poster explaining clearly what plants needs to grow. Label your poster and add pictures. 

Top tip: Light, air, water, nutrients. 

Activity 2- Do seeds need soil to germinate? 

Can you grow a seed (a broad bean) in a plastic bag or a glass with only tissue and water?

Set up an experiment and see what happens to the seed. Don't forget to first make a prediction about what you think will happen and then collect your results after 10 days. Good luck! 

Germinating Seeds in a Bag: Science Experiment for Kids -

Activity 3- Can we eat plants?

Plants play a big part in keeping us healthy. We get energy from plants in two ways: by eating the seeds or by eating parts of the mature plant.

Eat the Rainbow Activity!

See how many different coloured plants you can eat. Use the sheet provided or make your own. 

Phytonutrients: Paint your plate with the colors of the rainbow ...

Activity 4-

Whilst exercising outside, use the resources attached to complete your own plant or nature scavenger hunt! Have fun with your family, you can do it together or split into teams and see who can find the most on the list. 

Nature Scavenger hunt - Get your free printable scavenger hunt now ...