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Science Year 4 Summer 2

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Have a go at some of these tasks at home. They all about the topic Living Things or practising your scientific skills. 

Task 1:

Have a look at this webpage from the Sussex Wildlife Trust all about species found in the local area. Create a checklist and see which ones you have spotted. Can you classify them into different groups?

Task 2:

Scientists need good observation skills. Use the "My Street Tree" resource attached below to investigate a tree in your local area. 

Task 3:

Try planting some seeds and watch them grow. Record what you see each day. If you don’t have any seeds, you can try growing your old food scraps!

  • Celery – cut off the base and leave in warm water until new leaves start to appear.
  • Tomatoes – wash and dry out the seeds and then plant in soil.
  • Pineapples and avocados – suspend just over a container of water using cocktail sticks.
  • Garlic – plant each clove straight in the soil, root end down –simple!

Task 4:

Carry out a simple experiment at home and record your findings with words and pictures. See below for a few ideas.